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The Straits of Gibraltar provides a natural physical barrier between: two continents, Europe and Africa; two bodies of water, the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean; two cultures, middle-eastern and western; and two religions, islam and chirstianity. Also, in geologic terms, the 15 km straight is located where the two major tectonic plates, the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate collide, the depth in the middle of the straight is 1.400 meters. Nowhere in the world can one find such a sharp contrast in such a short distance.

In this high-oblique, Northeast-looking photograph you can notice the mountainous northern coast of Morocco and the coastal mountains of southern Spain, including the dagger-shaped, snow-covered Sierra Nevada Mountains of southeastern Spain where one can drive on the highest paved road of Europe at 3.478 meters. The Guadalquivir River -which in Arabic means the large valley, flows from east to west along the base of the Sierra Morena Mountains in southern Spain. On its course, one can find the cities of Seville and Cordoba, and at the end of its journey it goes through the largest national park of Europe, Doņana, where one can spot Lynxes, Eagles, wild Boar, Deer, and an innumerable quantity of birds which rest on their long journey from Africa to Europe.

The funnel shape of the straight and the coastal mountains on either side of the corridor create very strong and frequent winds which has contributed to the emergence of wind power and the practice of windsurfing. Tarifa, which is located at the southernmost point of Spain, boasts many windsurfing world championships.

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